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Update removed sport mode from camera

I would like to express that I'm furious with having this option taken away without my consent during an update. I've read many other posts on social media etc. with the same complaint. Why was this removed? Why isn't it somewhere easy to reinstall for those if it's who need it. The most important reason I buy Samsung phone's is the camera for its sport mode. Besides needing a good pic for my small business services, I also need clear fun pics of shelter animals where I volunteer to help network them and save their lives. I had to buy a GoPro since my phone I was robbed of sport mode on my phone and I bought a nice regular camera but if that's the only choice I have there is no point in buying this expensive phone or any of the new ones as I've learned they all don't have it either. I hope sport mode comes back in the next month or 2. I'm ready to get my new phone and not even remotely interested in Samsung without the superior camera it used to have. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Update removed sport mode from camera

Hey there!

Thank you for reaching out, apologies for any inconvenience.


Specific Device Features are subject to changes, such as the removal of the feature all together at any time. 

Thanks for your understanding!


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