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Why S8 lineup phones should Have Android 10

We (S8 Owners),


1- Are the ones to buy the Flagship Model (aka most expensive , top of the line)  expecting premium service. Updates are one of the most important of those services -new OS,  security, stability, new features etc.


2- The Phone is a powerhouse even for 2020 standards, CPU specs, RAM, internal disk speed,camera, benchmark results.


3- And if all this is not enough, We, the S8 owners are the ones that believe (the most) in  Samsung after Note 7 world failure.


We believe: (1) in the company, in a (2) New Form Factor (1st with no home button),round screen,.... The success of this form factor dictated not only Samsung success, but set the standard for the competition.


The above are more than enough reasons to include S8 lineup phones in Android 10 OS update baseline.


S8+ User,

(+ 256 GB Evo  Card + 1st Samsung Dex version.)


Product Expert

Re: Why S8 lineup phones should Have Android 10

Unfortunately the S8 will not be supported by android 10 the S9 models and up will be supported