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power off device insert service provider uicc that came with your phone?? 3 weeks now

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Galaxy S8

Samsung are you ever going to acknowledge the worldwide you caused from your July update. My phone is finally paid off and you make it worthless to use. Not buying another Samsung for as long as I live. 

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Galaxy S8
Solved UICC Issue

In late September, My phone updated. Then this annoying popup started. T-Mobile finally admitted their system upgrade for 5G was the issue and I should get a 5G phone. Not! Their upgrade is incompatible with Samsung''s SIM authentication.

This is collusion for sales.

Then on Election Day, T-Mobile starts another upgrade. I couldn't send texts for 36 hours on top of popup.

New Carrier
Same Phone S8Plus
No Problem
Galaxy S8
This is more so a T-Mobile problem. I've used T-Mobile a handful of times with my Samsung phones and every time without fail there would be big problems. T-Mobile was pushing out updates and I would never receive them even after waiting patiently for months. Recently, they told me to change my Sprint SIM card to a T-Mobile SIM that was apparently "faster" and "offered greater coverage" but all I ended up getting was a message on my phone telling me that my device was carrier locked even though it's been paid off for over a year and previously worked fine with any carrier. So yes, if you are a Samsung user, I would highly recommend you stay clear of T-Mobile and their awful services. Honestly, I've never been more disappointed in a carrier than this. Also, now that I am on Verizon, I get far better coverage and my updates come on time. I don't miss any texts, and my phone doesn't try to carrier lock itself. Verizon and AT&T are leaps and bounds above T-Mobile for Samsung users.