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screen not working

so the other night I droppedmy phone off my lap onto a wooden floor. didnt think much of it- nothing seemed to break.

Then about half an hour later I noticed there were lots of coloured thin lines going up the length of phone. I restarted it and was fine for 5mins until it did the same again, then the screen went black. nothing. it seems as tho the face recog still works as i can still unlock it. I can work the volume and it beeps. it still makes notification sounds and the leds light up.

maybe the jolt loosened a ribbon or cable inside phone? surely i cant be up for a new screen?is not any evidence of anything being even remotely broken on it. It's an s8 plus so I guessing pricey for screens. but- no glass broken..

any idea's or anyone else had this problem too


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: screen not working

Hey there!


Thanks for reaching out. I'm sorry this has happened. I recommend visiting a UBreakIFix repair center for a technician to take a better look at the symptoms you are experiencing. Just a reminder physical and liquid damage to a device automatically voids the warranty. So you will be responsible for out of pocket cost of repairs.