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Re: swollen battery caused cracked back and seperation

I had this same problem on my S8 - two-weeks after the 2-year warranty expired!  What a hassle trying to find someone to fix this.  Samsung said if I mailed them the phone then *might* be able to do something even being out of warranty.  Well, all that takes way too much time.

I found a local shop replaced the battery and reglued the top and back plates.  The phone looks and runs like new.  $80.00 out the door.  The repair guy said he'd had a number of S8's some in with the problem and, in fact, had had one come in earlier in the same morning I arrived.

It appears this is a common problem.

All that said, is this a faulty battery?  Something I did?  I didn't think it possible to "overcharge."  There must be circuit to prevent that.  Any idea why this happens so frequently?

The repair guy suggested a standard replacement of the battery every two years.  Probably not a bad idea.  Because, I am not paying $1,000 for a stupid phone.  I belly-ached about coughing up the cash for this S8.  It's a phone, people, not the Magna Carte.