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ANT+ support for heart rate bands/monitors

I recently bought the Galaxy s9+ of which I know that it has the ANT+ connectivity (confirmed by ANT+ tester) on hardware level. I've been trying to connect it to my Garmin ant+ chest band and get it working e.g. in Endomondo or Strava, but without any success. In Bluetooth options the chestband is simply not discovered. I've been reading some messages about the Android 10 update disactivating the ANT+ functionality.

I am not sure if anyone of Samsung reads this forum, but this has left me in disbelief. I've paid for the phone based on previous reports about prior functionality and ANT+ support was one of them. A smartphone these days is a powerful computer yet the manufacturer chooses to dumb it down to a device with less functions than were available on a sports watch 15 years ago?

If anyone will try to argue that Samsung wants to sell now their smart watches and thus disabled ANT+ support my reply would be that this is a poor choice as chest bands are much more accurate than wrist HR monitors.

Anyway, what I would like to know is if there is any hope the ANT+ support for HR monitors/chestbands will be restored?

Thanks in advance.