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Advanced messaging

Ever since the new upgrade I haven't been able to use advanced messaging. Also I am not recieving pictures through the messaging app. My carrier is at&t and they did a bunch of troubleshooting and couldn't find anything wrong. They then connected me to Samsung to figure out if it was a software issue, it was. At&t told me to do a factory reset, that didn't work so they sent me a new phone. I have a galaxy s9+ and the advanced messaging features are still not working and again im not able to send or recieve any pictures. Once the new phone was set up I called samsung again and talked with a tech that had my exact phone in his hand and he proceeded to try and use these features and found that he could not. He then told me he would be telling his supervisor about this issue to try and get it resolved but ive yet to set that happen. I would like to be able to use these features as soon as possible. Please help