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Android 10 update problems

I did the update March 15 and ever since my phone, particularly. Google chrome is glitchy.  It flashes like its stuck, I cant close it.  If I close the app and open it again,  it does the same thing.  Facebook messenger is also having the problem.  

When I take a screenshot now and try to share it, it doesnt always complete.  Messenger isnt an option to share most of the tim . 


I have had to restart my phone 3 times in the last 24 hours.

I have uninstalled all chrome updates and reinstalled.  

I have not clearned the cache yet via safe mode boot but I guess I'm going to have to


What's the problem with this update and how can I go back to the previous version?  I dont want this update on my phone.  It's no good.

Product Expert

Re: Android 10 update problems

Good Afternoon,


With the updates it can potentially disrupt the daily functionalties of your device. Usually it is preferred that you get a "Flash" the phone to get it up and running as usual. Please contact 1-800 Samsung to see what certified centers are open so they can resolve this issue. Be advised that due to the  Covid-19 virus outbreak some centers could be closed. Still, it is best to contact 1-800 Samsung to get information as to when and where center will be open.