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Annoying Customer Service and Repair

I sent in my phone to be repaired last week, it was received on Tuesday and I wanted to check the repair status and was told that it had started which I was happy about. I'm a bit compulsive and like to check the status of things constantly so Wednesday I chated again and they told me they had just started the repair I found odd I asked if it would be returned by Wednesday (I am moving) and was told yes and they would expedite the repair. Today contacted again and they said they had just started today, at this point, I'm annoyed I contact support and they tell me they would but expedited repair on my ticket and call a number to confirm it. I  called the number and was told they could fix it in have it to me next Saturday (which from previous experience is the average return time). I know its not the customer service tech faults but its incredibly annoying when you talk to multiple people who all give you various information and none of it seems to be correct or even match.