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Auto-suggest only works if I edit the mispelled word

Summary: Predictive text only works/appears when typing a word; or if you go back to a mispelled word and add/remove a character from the mispelled word.

Clicking on the word, and putting the cursor in the word, does not bring up the auto-suggest spellings for the word - only if I delete or add a character does it bring up auto syggestions for that word. Essentially it only does suggest spelling as you sre typing. Examplr screenshots below:


Problem 1 Example - part 1 - In this very program I noticed a typo where I typed the word "sugggest". When I click in it there is no auto-suggest spellings, but if I delte a character, in this case a 'g', it then suggests possible correct-spellings:



Problem 1 Example - part 2 - after I deleted a character (I deleted a 'g', but it can be any character), it then gave me spelling suggestions:


This started after a system update arounf January or February:

Ever since I upgraded my phone earlier this year, auto suggest no longer works until I add or delete a character from the word that needs correction. This happens in almost all programs, including this very program right now (from which I got the screenshots); there are a few apps in which it does not happen (Outlook mobile is one), in where it will suggest the correct spelling without having to add or delete a character from the word. 

 I have tried every suggestion on these forums to fix the keyboard including clearing the cache and we installing, And everything else I could find - NONE of them fixed the issue.

[PROBLEM 2 - way less important]
This problem happens, but only rarely -  Mentioning it in case it helps solve the 1st problem. There is lesser issue as well: Sometimes,  after getting the suggestion to show-up by adding/removing a character from the word, tapping on the correct spelling suggestion does not replace the word, but inserts the correct word before the mispelled word - and it leaves the mispelled word in the text proceeding the correct word... this does not happen every time though, but is worth mentioning. 

Re: Auto-suggest only works if I edit the mispelled word

Can someone please, please, help me with this ? I am desperate to be able To use spell check without having to edit a word to get the suggested spelling. Please can somebody help me with this?