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Bad Audio Quality

Hello! Hopefully you can help me with my problem!


I have a samsung s9 and the audio quality all of a sudden became really poor. I was trying to post a video onto instgram and decided to watch it before i posted it. I plugged in my headphones into the audio jack and I noticed the quality of the audio was bad, so i decided to test it using my galaxy buds,  to see if it was an issue with the video's quality. The same issue occured. So I did some more testing and pulled up spotify and played a song from my playlist. Same issue. The quality was terrible. It was of low volume and it seemed like a lot of the higher end frequencies dissapeared. I didn't do or change anything to my phone. I havent dropped it today, but even then it is portected by a hard shock proof cover. The only thing that happened was I got a little bit of water on it this morning, but only a few drops. I don't think it seeped through the cover, mainly becuase the cover is very tightly sealed. (I did clean and dry my phone after spilling a bit of water on it. This just happened randomly. I was on a call with a friend of mine on discord earlier and the quality was fine. Occasionally the galaxy buds (i was using my galaxy buds to listen and talk to my friend) would dissconnect but say that it was still connected. I found it strange but didn't think it was a too big of a deal, that perhaps it was just a bug. The quality of the sound is also very poor when played through the phone's speakers. I just find it very strange that all of a sudden the quality of the audio whether it be through a pair of wired headphones or through bluetooth connected headhphones would all of a sudden become really bad. So far I have not found a fix for it. I've been searching the internet but it seems I am the only one with this issue. If someone could help me, i'd really appreciate it!


Thank you!


Re: Bad Audio Quality

I just bought the s20 ultra and I also had the s7 edge, tab e, and s5 and ALL of them have had the issue you are describing. Why on earth does the audio literally go from normal to super tiny and shifty even when just shaking the phone or bumping it. Its as if it has a 2nd mode that it can switch over to instantly and it does this when trigger by certain things. Idk man. Touching certain parts of the screen perhaps something villainous. Idk but its annoying, weird, I've always felt like they make crappy quality phones on purpose. Idk such a confusing thing.