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Battery drainage issue s9+

Hey there everyone! Recently my S9+'s battery has been acting up. I charge my phone twice a day. 1st time I'll charge it to 100% on the fast wire charger. 2nd I'll charge it up to 85-95% on my wireless charger before I go to sleep. I do not overnight charge it and I don't use it while it is charging. This cycle would increase my estimated battery life, but recently I've been so busy that I couldn't do my charging cycle correctly, and now that I'm starting to do it that same cycle again, but now it's bringing down my estimated battery life. I tried changing it up by charging it on my wireless charger first, then wired charger, but that also doesn't seem to help. I done all the power saving methods, but non of them are making a difference. I don't know if I should get a new battery. It's been a year since I've had this phone. Please if you know what I can do please tell me! Thank you!20191124_205858.jpgEstimated battery life when battery is at 95%


Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Battery drainage issue s9+



I'm not sure if you're looking at the estimated life of the battery before you need to replace it or the estimated battery life remaining before you need to recharge it or both.

What I see is YouTube has been running and using battery in the background for sixteen hours. I wouldn't let it do that especially considering the amount of  battery life it used during one hour and fifteen minutes of active use. Add Instagram and everything listed below that and device care has learned this high battery usage pattern over a seven day period and estimated your remaining battery life before you need to recharge is fourteen hours and nine minutes. 

I've been using the internet a lot lately and it uses a lot of battery. Add to that all of the other apps I use and device care has estimated that after a full charge I will have one day and five hours of remaining battery life before I need to recharge. If I start running YouTube and Netflix every day for a few hours in a few days the estimated battery life remaining after a full charge is going to drop significantly.

With the lifespan of the battery in general if it stops charging to 100 % or if it starts dropping significantly when running low battery usage apps and other symptoms like that then you might consider a battery replacement.