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Camera fails on cold temps

(Topic created on: 1/20/21 8:36 AM)
Galaxy S9

I noticed my camera started to faile when the outside temps dropped below 50 degrees F.   The camera app would open, but I would get a blank black screen as if a lens cover was on the device.    I ran a few tests indoors using a infrared temp scanner and the internal temp sensors on the S9.   The camera on the phone stops working below ~18 degrees C / 60 degrees F.    

So if I am out fishing, skiing, hunting, or hiking, the phone must stay in my pocket for body temp to keep the lens and internals above 18 C.    I also tested with an extended battery case which keeps the phone warmer, but the lens is still exposed.  Similar results with failed camera at cooler temps.    I would expect this at sub freezing or approaching 0 C, but at less than 18 C, this should not be an issue.   


Is this a problem with my phone or has anyone else experienced this?   Considering going to Apple next as my S6 active battery expanded swelling the case on a wireless charger,  forcing my hand to upgrade to S9, now another hardware issue.   Just bad luck with Samsung.

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