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Can't deny permissions

How can I stop multiple samsung apps from being intrusive by not allowing me access to deny permissions of the bloatware; pre-installed apps that came on the s9+ or have installed themselves after updates? There are a number of apps that has contacts, microphone, storage, location and other permissions automatically given with the deny box greyed out and a message that states the device requires it to work properly. Most, if not all of them, are apps that I don't want to work properly as I do not want them on the phone to begin with, but that could very well work without the permissions. The purpose of android allowing users to deny or accept permissions for individual apps was for them to choose which apps they felt needed access to these settings for privacy reasons but with the latest updates from samsung this option has been stolen. I also use a third party sms messaging app that I deny all permissions except for sms and the app works properly but after every third or so use all of the permissions are somehow allowed again. I contacted the tech department of this app and we went through steps to troubleshoot the problem and we could not figure out why this happens on the samsung device only. I have put the same app on a phone made by a different company with the same version of android running without this occuring then on a s9 and it does. I eventually factory reset the s9 and s9+ and only installed that app with the same outcome.

Again, how do I bypass this privacy concern or is there an update coming that allows for us to control our privacy options for our devices again as was the case when I originally purchased these phones (I would not have had I known this was going to happen)?

Also, bixby is useless to me and I would like it totally off of my phone but at least disabled. Starting to feel like I'm using an apple device.