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Choice of synced gallery albums got changed without my consent

I didn't want to automatically back up ALL my photos in the cloud. So I went into cloud sync settings for the gallery and chose the albums that I wanted to automatically sync to Samsung Cloud. 

A few days later I added a new album, went into sync settings again and added this album to the auto-sync list. Everything worked fine. Only the albums I selected were syncing. 


A few weeks later, today, I got a warning that my battery was low and the phone could therefore not sync huge amounts of data. When I displayed sync settings, I saw that ALL ALBUMS were selected for auto-syncing to the cloud!


Question 1: How can I prevent the phone from changing settings randomly like this? 

Question 2: How can I log in to the cloud gallery and delete the photos that I don't want in the cloud, without deleting them from the phone? 


I tried to log in to the cloud on my PC to manage photos. After log-in, I could only see data usage stats for Gallery versus other apps. I couldn't click on Gallery to get in an view/manage the photos.