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How do you save you're contact information in your contacts? You have the main contact info for your samsung account that's tied to Bixby. Then say If your google account and Microsoft account and yahoo email addresses or whatever email accounts you may have. I have all my emails saved under one contact but its separate from where you're contact info is that's tied to Bixby and Samsung account. If you go into contacts and settings where you can manage contacts and move them you can see all your different accounts and what contacts you have in each account. Then you have groups like coworkers family and friends and google system groups which I dont use any of that but cant be deleted. I'm not sure if having all my emails linked under one contact is an issue but to me it seems like a security issue with the way it routes through email and calender. For instance I just got an email that showed up as 3 different emails but 2 were blurred out and not clickable. And when I open the email and click on the time stamp it opens the calendar to create an event under a google account email that's irrelevant. This is using samsung email and Samsung calender. So I'm not sure if I even need to have my other email addresses saved in my contacts or if I should just delete it. Also there's some other backup phone number from Google that I cannot delete.


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