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Corrupt Pictures from MicroSD in Gallery

Hi team, so thankful for your help but I've strangly ran into another issue since your past resolution @SamsungGill . I've been using the same 32 gb micro sd that came with my phone since I bought it 2 years ago and never had an issue with it. I've always taken my pictures, created a folder transfered them from internal storage to the SD card so I could salvage those memories incase something bad happened to my phone. As of the last month, I think, a random picture in every folder, sometimes up to 6 pictures per folder (in no particular sequence, is now corrupted for an unforseen reason. I've tried plugging my phone into a laptop and manually erasing the corrupt photo and it says my sd card is locked. I've used a converter, deleted the corrupt picuture file and putting the sd back in my phone and some how it reappears again. I have a backup with Google cloud, I'll delete the unviewable photo off the google cloud and it somehow still comes back when I exit the folder and then go back into it. I've turned off sync, deleted the picture and then the same result will happen. I close out the gallery, come back and it's there again. I'm unable to delete the picutre from galary, it says "error occured. try again" and I'm unable to delete it from the SD card in the "My Files" section. The issue does not occure with photos on the internal storage. However I've not been able to transfer new photos onto the SD card. It tells me, "Unable to move." - I'm extremely confused. It's unfortunate now that those memories are gone. I never download anything from the internet so I'm positive I didn't accidental download a virus. Through my own research I've found that temp files can sometimes cause the issue that cascades to get worse and worse. I'd just like to fix this issue before if corrupts the whole SD card and I lose more photos. It doesn't seem to be corrupting any more pictures then it did when I first noticed the problem about 4 weeks ago. I also tried just deleting the troubled pictures and copying them all to a 1tb external hard drive so I can reformat the SD card and my computer said that it would take 11 hours and kept going up and up, then seem to freeze. I only have 24gb of picture an video so I'm trying to avoid that step if at all possible. Any suggestions, please and thank you.