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Custom notification sound for contact keeps resetting

Hello, this is really irritating me and I would love a fix. I'm on a Galaxy S9+ with the latest updates. Every time I set a custom notification sound for a certain messaging app, it resets to my default notification sound. I have to keep on putting it back and it works for a few hours before it resets again. I had a Galaxy J7 Prime before this and it never had this issue but for some reason this phone keeps resetting what I'm picking and it's rather annoying. I like having separate notification sounds because I like to know who is texting me immediately just by hearing the tone. Now I don't know because of this constantly resetting.


Thank you for any help.

Product Expert

Re: Custom notification sound for contact keeps resetting

Hey there, I'm sorry you're having this issue. 

I suggest you have a look at the permissions the apps you're trying to set these specific ringtones on have. sometimes even if we set the notification sound the system will still have the ability to play the default sound.

i also wantes to mention that you also have the ability to set specific ringtones and notification sounds within your Contacts and Messages apps.

Give these a shot and let me knoe if it works for you, i want to help you solve this ussue.

ThanksSmiley Happy