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Did recent update, now having issues with charging/moisture

Hit everyone! Cheers from Prince Edward Island Canada!


SO i did the most recent update to my Galaxy S9. Ive never had any issues before and ive had the phone over a year now.

So now literally all of a sudden about 2 days ago, my phone decided to no longer charge when i plug it in with my samsung fast charge. Now not only that, It keeps telling me there is moisture detected. My phone has not gotten wet in any way shape or form. Always in a protected phone case. To say that i am very annoyed is an understatement. Ive never had any issues with it before. I can charge my phone with a very tempermental wireless charger that is very slow..


Yes, i have gone to safe mode. Yes i have rebooted it about a million times. And yes i have gone though most of the  trouble shooting tutorials that are available. Im at a loss. I dont know what to do other than take it to a repair shop 60kms away and spend over 200$ on a repair.  Ive never had any issues in the past however my hubby had the same issues with the exact same phone after a pervious update... Anyone have any ideas? All and any comments will be appreciated.


Thanks Belinda




Re: Did recent update, now having issues with charging/moisture

You aren't alone. I'm having the same issue with my charging port. It was never near water but its been over a week telling me there is moisture.