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Dreaded Bluetooth Random Disconnect Problem after recent Update



My T-Mobile Galaxy S9 recently updated (late September 2020) After the update, I am experiencing random diconnection and reconnection while playing music to my  bluetooth fm transmitter (Nulaxy KM-18 Color)

If I put the phone in airplane mode or switch off wifi, it happens much less frequently. I have reset the network configuration, I have wiped the phone cache, i have force stopped bluetooth app and wiped the cache. Finally I have factory reset the phone. Still experiencing the same problem. 

After wiping the bluetooth app cache it will usually go for about 45 minutes before disconnecting, then becomes more frequent until it happens randomly every 2 or 3 minutes.

Photo of Phone software info attached.


Seems like this problem is not unusual especially when connecting to car devices. Surely there is an easy fix.