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Electric shocks from my note mine

I just recently purchased a note9 which has been given me electric shocks from my finger tips down to my toes, to where it has caused bruising, swelling and excruciating pain.

I have pictures of this, showing the bruising and the swelling and the redness. I have reported it many times to SamSung, being under warranty and  having insurance, nothing seems to get resolved and Samsung keeps telling me the phone's fine.  Other family members and friends have held my phone and feel the same experience.  I don't know what's going on with Samsung's phones but the issue needs to be address and fixed! 1000 dollar phone! does anybody have any solutions? Might have to take further actions!

thank you

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Electric shocks from my note mine

It's not the phone. I forgot the term, but it's a phisical reaction if the body, it's not electricity, it's signals from the nerves in your hands. Some people have more severe feelings than others, but it's basically from using devices too much, and pressure on certain areas of your hands. For example, try using your phone when it lays on a table, do you still have the same reaction?

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Samsung Moderator

Re: Electric shocks from my note mine

@userm1Lmc8ZmEl Thank you for reaching out. I would be happy to assist you further. Can I please have your full model number and IMEI in a private message:

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