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Exchange Department

I purchased an S9 last year. I sent it off 2 times to be repaired fir the same issue. When it came back the second time it was still having the same issue so they decided to exchange it. When I received my new phone it was having the same issue as my last. I called Samsung April 27th. I sent my phone off the 28th for yet another exchange. When I called a week or so later because I hadn't heard anything, it ended up they messed up on my ticket number. They out it under a precious ticket number. The guy told me he would put a "hurry" on my exchange. I called about two weeks ago the last said I should receive my phone withing 5-7 business days. Fast forward to today, still have not received my phone. Still have not received any updates. When I called Saturday the guy couldn't tell me anything and was almost rude. I tried asking for a refund and he told me they couldn't do it. I'm so over this. It's been almost two months.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Exchange Department

Hey there!


I'm sorry to hear this has happened to you.


Can you provide the last most recent ticket number in a private message so I can further look into what may be going on?