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Galaxy S9 SM-G960U Data Recovery



I have a Samsung Galaxy S9.  A few weeks back it told me my storage was getting full.  I used the Samsung "My Files" app v11.5.01.341 to "move" my images/videos to my 256GB micro SD card.  I opened up gallery and the files seemed fine.  I did not scroll through the 20 GB of files I offloaded.  About a week later I went to check through my SD card.  It turns out that there are corrupted files in blocks of about 2 or sometimes 3 weeks.  The images show up as a gray box with an exclamation point.  I immediately transferred everything off of the SD card and onto my computer with a simple copy and paste this time.  I opened up a working image in notepad to view the contents.  It stated out with "jfif" as expected.  Then I opened up a bunch of what I thought was corrupted files in notepad.  Every single corrupted file is filled with spaces.  Just spaces, not even jumbled text like you would expect.  So the Samsung "My Files" app had moved files, and not only did it not read them correctly, but it wrote only spaces and continued on without ANY error messages.


I would not care so much if it were just random work related images such as teamviewer id numbers for my support job, but these were weeks of images of my newborn daughter.  She is now 5 months old and I can't find her first word video where she said "Hello".


So this is what I've tried so far,  I've downloaded "PhoneRescue for Android" and it seems to only scan the trash unless your device is rooted.  The "My Files" app did a move operation and nothing was ever trashed, just permanently deleted.  I do not want to root it for several reasons: my warranty would be voided; the only rooting method I found would wipe the phone;  if the phone is wiped, I do not know if the quickformatted resulting data partition could scanned in raw recovery mode if the original partition was encrypted with a different key than the rooted new data partition.


Any thoughts?


No solution will be too technical.  I may just turn it off for a few years hoping there will be a solution that develops in the meantime.


Here is my phones info:

Model SM-G960U
Software version G960USQS7ETH2
Hardware version Rev1.1
One UI Version 2.1
Android Version 10
Baseband Version G960USQS7ETH2
Kernel version 4.9.186-18803994
Build Number QP1A.190711.020.G960USQS7ETH2
SE for Android status Enforcing SEPF_SMG960U_10_0015 Mon Aug 10 15:40:01 2020
Knox version Knox 3.4.1 Knox API level 30 TIMA 4.0.0
Service provider SW ver. SAOMC_SM-G960U_OYN_SPR_QQ_0013 4344313441583398 SPR/SPR/SPR
Security software version
MDF v3.1 Release 5
WLAN v1.0 Release 2
VPN PP-MOD v2.1 Release 3.0
ASKS v3.1 Release 20200120
ADP v3.0 Release 20191001
FIPS BoringSSL v1.4
FIPS SCrypto v2.2
SMR Aug-2020 Release 1
Android security patch level August 1,2020