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Re: Galaxy S9+ battery deterioration after Pie Update


Hello Samsung,

I have to say that this flagship S9+ was supposed to be having 3800+ mAh battery. Some people are irritated about this issue and mods are replying which shows no care at all, they say turn off wifi, bluetooth, nfc, location, aod, edge lighting, mobile data, torch, auto rotate etc then why Samsung putted this sh*ts into their mobile.


I just shifted from Note 8 and purchased S9+ so I got a direct update to 'Pie' thats why I am not feeling any BAD battery consumption.


My S9+ gives me 6 Hours in all cases when I use heavily possible (from 100% to 16%). However, When I don't use whole day and on 25-35% brightness then it gives me 8-9 Hours. 


Samsung, also please stop providing unnecessary apps by Smausng Electronics. Also please on next update provide us the best possible battery consumption because 6 Hours in actual is nothing.



7-8 Hours are enough when you use at 35% brightness and I personally say S9+ is providing the great battery lifetime and keep it up in next update.