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Galaxy S9 shutting down when phone lock screen comes on.

My S9 was working fine until last week. 


It started shutting down anytime the display timed out and went to the lock screen. 


After doing some research online, I found that numerous S9 owners have this issue. 


I've tried:

1. Clearing the phone cache data in recovery mode

2. Starting in Safe Mode and diagnosing the issue

3. Factory resetting the phone


These trouble shooting steps did not fix the issue. After doing some research online I have found that the fingerprint scanner causes the phone to shut down. Turning off the finger print scanner remedies the issue until I need it for many of apps, at which time the phone shuts down. Disabling the finger print scanner also presents a security issue. 


I use the fingerprint scanner constantly and need it to work. I contacted T-Mobile only to find out my phone is two months out of warranty and it would cost me a $100 deductible to get it fixed. 


1.  Samsung support is there anything you can do since this seems to be a hardware issue with numerous S9 users?

2.  Can you do a recall since this effects so many people, therefore we can get it fixed for free?

3.  I can see that this has been a problem since at least January 2019 (18 months) . Why isn't there a fix yet? 


Thank you in advance for your assistance with this matter. 


Re: Galaxy S9 shutting down when phone lock screen comes on.

Try send ur bug report directly to Samsung.
you can do it by installing Samsung Members from Galaxy store ( bue icon), go to my page at bottom right -> settings -> turn on automatic send bug report.