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Galaxy s9 Plus - Screen flickering intermittently & Display issue

Hi All,


All of a sudden my galaxy s9 plus gave up on me. While I was browsing, the screen started to fade out and all i could see next was black and white patches. I am very sure that I didn't drop my phone nor my phone had any liquid damage. I don't think it is anything to do with the touch screen since the touch seem to work just fine and also intermittently, I get to see the normal screen without any issues. However, it doesn't stay that way long enough and goes back to the black and white patchy screen. Even the spalsh screen during start up is showing up fine without any issues.


I already did a factory reset hoping it would work, but to my dismay it didn't work. I contacted customer care over chat, but since my phone is in the 2nd year, it is no longer covered by warranty. I have owned numerous galaxy phones until this date, but none of the phones had any damage. I used them to the fullest life and switched them for new phones. This is the first time I am having a bad experince.


Did anyone face similar issues and can suggest any fixes?


thanks in advance,



Re: Galaxy s9 Plus - Screen flickering intermittently & Display issue

Is look like your lcd is disconnected or damaged. Wires/connection's can become loose on rare occasions. The digitizer is what records your touch actions and the lcd shows the screen so they are two different components its also possible the lcd just went bad over time.


You will most likey need a professional to take the screen off and test it to see what the exact problem is. Hope this helps.