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Galaxy s9 plus

Samsung has disappointed me big time i thought these trade in programs were jenuing, but a company like Samsung to pull scams like this i have never come a cross. I sent them a Galaxy s9 plus in excellent condition obviously used and they got back to me with some silly excuse that i would have to pay 100 pounds extra cos they have found a screen burne which clearly cannot be seen by someone who knows nothing what screen burne is, and when i asked for photos of the phone they refuse to send me any photos of my old device, an say that the screen is faulty and that is the end. Never comes a cross such a shambles. Its the 100 pound but is the principle they want to rip off me 100 pounds without sending me any evidence. I will never by a Samsung again I'm going to sell my S20 i got of them and gonna by an IPhone as soon as possible. 

Product Expert

Re: Galaxy s9 plus

Hi I'm so sorry for your issue but id like to chime in,i've seen many customers come in to our store with samsung devices for trade in many of them never notice they have screen burn sometimes, it's very obvious if a white screen is pulled up but some have very minimal burn in which it's hard for both the consumer and workers to notice and takes a really good eye to see it,I hope this reply helps but this is the best i can give you from my personal expereince.