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Gallery Sync To Cloud Options


Galaxy S9 SM-G960U T-mobile  

Gallery Sync To Cloud has a really nice option that allows me to delete media files from a synced gallery album and replace it with a thumbnail image and save the original media files in a separate tab titled Cloud Only  This is a great way to free up some storage space and keep the media files safe in the cloud storage.

When I select the option to delete the media files from the synced album there is only one option to delete all the files in the album. Although it adds thumbnail images to the synced album in gallery it consideres the album empty and turns sync off for that album. If I move two media files into the originally synced album I get the notification that a new album has been added and would I like to turn on sync. When I tap the notification it takes me straight to Samsung Cloud and opens the option page for selecting the albums I want to sync. That's really great and once I turn sync on for that album everything is back to normal.

Now I have one synced gallery album with two thumbnail images for the files stored on Cloud Only and two media  file images stored in internal storage.

I'm trying to understand why the option for freeing up internal storage space using Samsung Cloud gallery synced albums doesn't let me select which files I want to delete instead of deleting all and why doesn't it mark the thumbnails it creates as cloud only. There must be a good reason for doing it this way.


Edit   I found the markers that indicate that the media files are stored in cloud only or in internal storage by entering select mode. Another way to determine is to tap an image and swipe up for details. Thumbnail file size is 0 bytes.

I found one issue when downloading a media file saved to cloud only. If I'm in Samsung Cloud and Tap gallery using the download option for files saved in cloud only it doesn't seem to be removing the thumbnail image of the file and it causes syncing to fail. Downloading from within the gallery app works great no issues at all.

The more I learn about it the more I like it and I think I'll add another album or two and see how it goes..