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Help phone is hacked

My phone is being controlled by someone. The can delete my files apps ect. AT&T won't help me. I can see someone downloaded other apps and it says I have 2 of the same apps. So confusing. Someone is text editing my text so they read different. Idk who I send messages to.

Product Expert

Re: Help phone is hacked

hi @Samsung_hjT4fwx 

Thank you for reaching out to us the only option that I can think to fix your problem is Factory Reseting the Device or Going to a Samsung service provider and let them Wipe the device clean and install a new operating system. For your safety, it is better to use the apps from the play store and don't access restricted websites and hacking sites

you can contact Samsung thru

and you can find a location near your place using this


hopefully, this will help with your problem

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