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Hidden folder in secure folder got lost



I have a strange issue. In my secure folder I hid couple of folders to unclutter my overview. After a while I found out ,when I wanted to show the folder again, it is not listed in the folder show / hide overview. I first thought it was because of something I accidentally did. Only after a while I repeated something similair with another folder and lost this one as well in the view. I did some research and it turns out the folders are still there when I connect my device to the computer but I can not access them because they are in the secure folder, which means they are encrypted in some way. How can I recover those folders in the secure folder list so I can unhide them again.  I would really like to recover the pictures that are in there. 


For the record, I have a Galaxy S9 + and never reinstalled the phone or reset the phone.  I think the issue occurs after firmware updates but I haven't been able to test this yet.