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How do I disable switching Wifi when the hotspot I want has no internet access but another does?

I have a Canon camera with built in Wifi so I can get pictures out of it and control it with my S9. Works great to do that. Since most of the time I use this feature away from home the camera is set up to be a hotspot and the S9 connects to it even though it complains there is no internet access. However when I am home and connect the S9 to the camera hotspot, the S9 immediately disconnects from the camera and goes to the home Wifi looking to get internet access. How do I convince it not to do that?? The camera's menu system is tedious and controlled with its little pad not a touchscreen, so no, I don't want to go through the steps each time to set the camera to connect to the home network and then back again on its own hotspot mode when I go out. I want a way to tell the S9 not to jump off to get internet access when I tell it to connect to the camera. I've looked in all the S9's settings and can't find anything that looks like a toggle for this behavior. Thanks for any help!