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Immediate Lock After Unlock

Hello all,


This is my first time posting to these forums, first time ever being here actually, so forgive me if this ends up being a repost, but I have had an issue with my phone that I have fixed and I want to share it to see if anyone has had a similar issue and solved it, how they did so, or if there is a better way that I could have solved my issue, and so that others with this same issue have a resource they can use to fix their phone.


My problem started earlier today when I noticed shortly after I had gotten home from work that I had no cell reception at all on my Samsung S9+, which was exceptionally weird because I usually have at least four bars at home. I hadn't yet installed the most recent software update, so I thought that that might be it, so I installed it, and that changed nothing. 


I looked online and found a fix for this by turning on airplane mode, waiting 30 seconds, turning it off, and then restarting my phone. Yay! I had service again! Except...


Every time now that I would unlock my phone I would have anywhere between five seconds and none at all where my phone would be black for a brief moment before unlocking, and them immediately going back to the lock screen. The darn thing also spontaneously restarted itself.


This of course was frustrating, and I could find no way to solve this problem except by performing a factory reset through the recovery screen. I have no reason to believe that I could have gotten a virus of any type. Does anyone know what could have caused this? 


Was there a better way to fix it other than a hard facotry reset?


Re: Immediate Lock After Unlock

Samsung and google offers an unlocking feature on there find my phone website. I would have tried this first but glad you got it working again with a factory reset. 

Also safe mode would have been a good option to try. Hold down volume down and power when starting your phone. Or when shutting down your device hold power till you see power off, hold power off till you see safe mode.