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Keeps telling me Weak charging

I only use the original chargers I have the one it came with, and 3 more chargers (samsusng brand with the original cables) it just started doing this about a week ago and it does it with all 4 chargers and cables even My car charger


Re: Keeps telling me Weak charging

I know this may seem minute, but are you using the charging cable and charging brick that came with your phone?


Are you plugging them into a known working wall outlet? 


When did this problem start? Any apps installed? Is the charging brick or cable damaged in any way? Is your phone new or used? What kind of phone is it? Is there any damage on your phone?


I would recommend borrowing a known good undamaged charger and cable from a friend and see if it charges normally. If this is not an option, try going to any place that sells electronics and see if they have any phones on display. They are virtually always plugged in ask if you can plug your phone into the charger to test it.


I've done this before in a pinch and found I had a faulty cable at home. 


Please let us know if anything changes.