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Keyboard is useless after latest update for Galaxy S9

Hello, in the last update for the Samsung Galaxy S9 you have adjusted the keyboard and added new features. Now you can type multiple languages ​​at the same time in the same keyboard of a language. I'm sorry to say that this feature has made the keyboard almost useless for me. I live in Europe and speak more than 4 languages, so I have a separate keyboard for all those languages ​​and that is a good thing because I do not know every spelling of every word in more than 4 different languages. Now this is no longer possible because the languages ​​are mixed, many words are similar in different languages ​​and so if I want to type a word in French for example, similar words from other languages ​​will be recommended. Very frustrating. It would be nice if there was a solution for this because at the moment I can just as well look up any word that I doubt about the spelling which takes a lot more time.