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Mail sound

Galaxy A50


For most of the problems I mentioned earlier (in the Dutch Community forum), I have now found a solution myself.


Not yet resolved:

Create my own notification sound for incoming mail and any other notifications.

For a phone call I could, without a lot of problems, introduce my own notification sound.

I have the A50 today for one week and have already done a reset to factory settings due to various problems.

With my previous S4 Mini, setting up your own notification sound was a problem…

I use the Google Mail app with two accounts.

The own sounds like the S4 mini have a "wav " extension.


PS I still have another question related to "questions and Answers " on the community forum: If I receive an answer or a question how or where can I reply? By mail or forum?


Re: Mail sound

I am glad you have found a solution to the issues you identified. Can you please outline what the solutions were?


Also to reply to a post, you must click the 'reply' button here on the forum not via email.