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New update has taken away useful features

Like a lot of others this new update is terrible,

First of all,

Battery life , battery drains much faster.

New phone dial screen, recents and contacts screen, why does half the screen need to be taken up with the word phone in the middle ?.

No extra call volume for loud speaker.

Places tab in call dial screen , why put that in when its already provided thru google maps,

So now i have it twice.

New gallery layout is rediculous, who cares what date i took a photo, if i want to know dates ill click on the photo and look at details.

Pull down menu to turn off things like bluetooth,

I turned off bluetooth but it doesnt actually turn off,i go into settings and its still on.

Notifications on lock screen,

A useful thing i used quite regularly ,

If i recieved a message i could just press power button and could read whatever message was sent to me without unlocking phone and going into it.

Now it just shows an icon for either a text message or facebook etc.

I have photos in my gallery that are private and personal , how does samsung know that these photos are time together, those phots have been separated into a story titled "our time togther".

I never created that folder or story nor did i name it that, so how does samsung know thats what it is ?.

Notifications i set to off have been turned back on since the update.

Who gave permission to turn these back on ?.

Samsung support tells me the updates do not interfere with personal files, and they dont changed settings yet since the update ive had to go back into my phone and set everything to the way i had it before the update.

World clock, what do i need a world clock for ?,

I have no use for that, these types of things can be found in playstore if i need them.

Apparently samsung knew i took a trip, and even made a folder in my gallery saying i did, where did samsung get the permission to rearrange my gallery and title as this ?, because i dont recall giving samsung permission to do that.



Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: New update has taken away useful features



I remember a lot of people asking that the apps open in collapsed view as the default and we could swipe down to see the top half. They just updated the cloud app to open with half the screen used to display the title of the app. 

The gallery app open its settings menu and turn off automatically create stories.

In system settings, lock screen, notifications we have the option to set the notification style to icons, brief or detailed. 

I have no idea why a security patch update would change your notifications settings back to the default. Stranger things have happened. If it's a major system update then all bets are off. 



Android 9.0 

Galaxy S9 SM-G960U 


Security Patch Level

December 1st , 2019