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No Updates for my S9+

I've been having serious issues with trying to update my phone. I bought my S9+ in January and have yet to receive a single update since. I know I should be getting updates because my mother has the same exact phone on the same service and plan. My phone keeps telling me that it's on the current update, but my mom has been on 9.0 since April. I already went to AT&T about this and they told me it was a Samsung problem. Is anyone having the same issue? Is there any fix?

Cosmic Ray

I had the same problem I'm in tmobile,the tmobile rep was...

I had the same problem I'm in tmobile,the tmobile rep was tellin me that it is Samsung job to push the updates,but guess what I found a mint mobile sim and I inserted it and boom I got 2 updates the March one and the April security, the mint mobile sim card I don't believe it is active so Tmobile is the problem!!!


Re: No Updates for my S9+

I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ phone, model SM-G965U, that is AT&T branded, but carrier unlocked and being used on the Mint mobile service carrier.  I purchased the phone on   The phone has been on Oreo 8 OS, Baseband version G965USQS3ARG8, with Android security patch level dated August 1, 2018 and has never updated and it is now August 14, 2019.  When I go to update on the phone, it says..."Current software is up to date" which I know it isn't.   I googled this issue and found many others complaining of no updates on the AT&T and Samsung forums as well as elsewhere on the Internet.  I called AT&T who said updates were a Samsung issue.  I called Samsung who said updates were an AT&T issue.  Went to an AT&T store and they said updates were a Samsung issue.  Really???   I tried most all suggestions that I read on the Internet for the issue, e.g. soft reset, wipe partition cache, use smart switch on PC, etc.   I didn't try factory reset as this is kind of time consuming and others said it did not work for them.  The only other option I read about was flashing the phone which Samsung does not want you to do.   And if that were a last resort, where would I find the proper ROM to flash the phone (latest, untouched for my model) as Samsung does not seem to provide it.  I'd also want to be sure the phone retained its unlocked status so I could continue with Mint mobile as a service carrier.   Samsung did also suggest taking the phone to UbreakIfix (their authorized repair shop), but that is a 5 hour minimum ordeal for me that I'd like to avoid if possible and I don't even know if they could help.  Does anyone know if UbreakIfix can definately help fix this issue and / or have any other suggestions that you know might work for my issue of my S9+ not updating?