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OneUi 2.0 need more features and improvements

Hi all,


Samsung Galaxy phones are always my favorite, but I think they can improve on some aspects especially on software front.

Firstly, it needs to improve the animation speed, it is deliberately slowing down the opening and closing of the apps after software updated to Android 10. 

Secondly, it still lacks some common features like Internet downloading speed in the Status bar, and other like LED shifting its colour when battery touches 90% or more to green or any other. 

I hope Samsung would do it in next update soon.





Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: OneUi 2.0 need more features and improvements

We appreciate your feedback and will tag it on the forum so that it will appear with other feedback, ideas, and requests. This will allow your post to be more easily found in the event that Samsung product groups are seeking outside feedback/requests/ideas regarding our products.

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