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PLEASE HELP!! S9 won't update / download apps thru Play Store and other problems. Xfinity???


This is odd and I have no clue what to do anymore.  We had a Xfinity Arris TG1682G router and really weren't having any issues.  Last week while picking up a new cable box, the rep told me I should upgrade my router.  Sure, why not.  Newer technology.  The rep told me to activate using the app xFi. 


No problem, until all three of our Samsung products (2 S9 phones and 1 tablet) will not download or update any files in Google Play Store using WiFi.  It shows downloads available, but when you click to update or download, it just says either downloading or download pending.  That's all .  I also cannot access some other apps using the routers wifi.  But they all work when I disable WiFi.  My tablet, which is only WiFi capable, won't download or upload unless I tether to my phone, which is not on WiFi.  I've cleared caches and data.  Restarted phones / tablet and router.  I can, however, download off the wifi service at work.


My kids have Iphones and they CAN download updates on their phones, but it seems slower than the old router. 


Update:  Went to Xfinity on Sunday and they gave me their most up to date router.  Guess I didn't have the newest one afterall.  Unfortunately, that hasn't helped my cause.  Same problems.  And they have no idea what is causing it either other than saying it must be our Samsung products.


Please help.   Thank you in advance!!!


Re: PLEASE HELP!! S9 won't update / download apps thru Play Store and other ..

try disabling Bluetooth. I went and turned it off went to play store and stopped all apps attempting to download and then clicked update on an app and bingo all are updating perfect and fast