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Premium Care Is The WORST EVER!!!

I've been paying for Premium Care on my wife's s9 for 2 years.  It finally happened and she cracked the screen a few months ago.  I made a claim and paid the $100 for replacement.  They sent a renewed phone different color but who cares it is a phone and it works.  Now not even 3 months later the phone is a hazard and major pain.  The phone heats up to almost burning temps and the screen is garbage.  If you touch the #1 on login screen it types 1, 4, & 7... Seriously the phone is unusable.  So I call Premium Care again, they say they will replace the phone next business day.  Well 3 days later I call and they say they don't have any idea when I'll get my replacement phone because they are backordered!  What the heck, send me a phone.  Keep in mind my wife is a Grocery Store Manager and they use their phones constantly to check stock, order product, check email, etc..  Currently with the Covid-19 situation this is more important than ever so she doesn't have to use other common area computers.  Samsung Premium Care doesn't actually "CARE" they are just subing the insurance out to Assurian for S9 and Assurant for all newer models.  All 3 companies are scammers in my book.  I asked the simple question of when can I expect the phone if they are backordered and they said they don't know and don't have to send it out immediately.  So I guess my reply will be to simply wait for my phone and then dispute all charges related to any Premium Care charges on my credit cards for the last 2 years due to their inability to fulfill their part of the agreement.  BTW I called Samsung Pros and spoke to escalation department twice.  Both times as soon as I started to complain about Premium Care both agents began to have issues with hearing me over the phone and neither called back even though they both started with what is the phone number associated with the account???  VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE ON SAMSUNGS PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Re: Premium Care Is The WORST EVER!!!

I understand your frustrations but they are dealing with covid-19, slot of things have change like refunds, shipping, manufacturing, maintenance, and etc. But let me reminded that its your second phone replacement, they may need to offer a comparable upgrade for free. Hang in there