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S9 shutting down or restarting randomly

Hi guys. I have a big issue with my s9. I bought it in july last year. So basically it's not that old. It hadn't had big crashes or stuff like that. It all just started two months ago when the phone began to shut himself down. And the thing was that i hadn't been able to power him again, just after a few hours, even if it was plugged into a stable power source. Anyways, after i've succed in power him on, i've cleared the cache partition, then tested it in safe mode. Did the same thing. Then reseting it to factory. After that it worked for a while perfectly, until ive started backing up my settings and apps. When i realised it wasnt a good idea, ive reseted it again then installed every by. Didnt backed up. It worked for a month then started doing again this thing, but this time reseting. Has everyone any idea if it's a software issue (firmware, malware, idunno) and has any solutions or it is a hardware and needs to be fixed by a specialist? Thankies

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: S9 shutting down or restarting randomly

Can I please have your full model number, baseband version, and service provider? Give this link a try: