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SMS Messages: default background & custom tones

I'm sure bunches of people have already discussed this...
Dear Samsung Messages & Samsung Contacts:
1) Can there please be an option to set the default background image for all sms messages?
Because once you delete out a conversation thread, the customization goes away, and then you have to do it all over again.
(I also wouldn't complain if we could customize the color scheme of the chat bubbles from within messages.)

2) There has GOT to be a way to set custom message tones for each contact so that if you delete a message thread, you don't have to do it all over again. I miss being able to set the custom message tone under the contact edit screen. Custom ringtone setting is still there, which is good. But I definitely don't understand why the custom message tone disappeared from "contact edit" options.

Yes, I know themes are a thing, however, I do my own personalization with a mash-up of stuff that I like, etc. And I utilize various sources for how I customize my phone.

If anyone knows any hacks that don't require me downloading an additional app, or if anyone knows how to toggle this stuff from within settings/the phone, I'd appreciate it! Thanks!

Re: SMS Messages: default background & custom tones

Personally, I couldn't care less about the customer backgrounds or chat bubbles but it is absolutely INFURIATING that I can't set customer notifications for my various contacts.. Having to save messages for the sole reason that if I don't I'll lose my customer notifications is absolutely the most frustrating and irritating thing ever! I mean why screw with something so simple?  I used to be able to tell by the tone, whether it was my brother, best friend, gf, a specific client, my kids' nanny, or any other number of different people just by the notification.. Now if I want to do that, I have to save every single conversation in my phone or lose that notification.. What moronic zombie thought this was a good idea?


Re: Re: SMS Messages: default background & custom tones

YUP! Exactly what I'm talking about with the SMS part...I don't understand it, either... Why on earth do we have to save conversations in order for the phone to remember the tones??? Definitely not how phones used to be. Lol I think it's ridiculous, too. Lol all these messages we have to keep for no other purpose than so our phones can remember the customization. Lol ridiculous.