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[SOLVED] How to stop Blocked Call Notification on Lock Screen

On HomePage, swipe down to get Notifications

- Go to the green "Blocked Call" Icon

     -  Long press on small letters "Call Settings" 

         -  Advances to next screen, click on "Details"

               - Long press on shaded out "Blocked call" and let go (should open)

                    -  Select "Silent"

                    -  Scroll down and also select "Lock Screen"

                         -  Choose "Do Not Show Notifications"


NOTE:  The path shows App Notification Category /  Blocked Call - Call Settings. 

However, when trying to access through :: APPS then "System Apps", then under "Call Settings" there was no mention of "Blocked Call". 


The closest was the 2nd "Phone" (dark green with white phone - approx 40 mb), but when opened, the shaded out is listed as "Call Blocking" and not "Blocked Call" (top instructions) nor was there an option regarding "Lock Screen"  as listed in top instructions.


Not sure if "Blocked Call" was intentionlly not listed, but I can tell you that my phone has not received anymore "Blocked Call" sound OR notifications on my lock screen!  My two week vendetta to end this annoyance has been resolved.