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Samsung Galaxy S9 / Bixby

Hi there.

I have a quick question. I own a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus it has the lastes Update and since i have the lates Update i have a small Problem with Bixby.

I use some Quick Commands and everything works fine except for one small thing.

If i say " Hey Bixby " close all open Apps, Bixby do it but Bixbys App stays on the Homescreen, why ??

Until a my last Update everything works fine. I could say for example " Hey Bixby " close all my lights, turn on Do not disturb etc and at the end also close all open apps, and everything worked fine at the end i had my normal Homescreen who switched of after 30 second.

So why the Bixby screen not closes also like before.

I would go here in a Samsung Shop, but i live in Thailand and the Employees there, mmm how could i say it nice, are good in sitting around because nobody speak enough English to help.

I hope you can help me.

Regards from Thailand Mark Smiley Happy


PS: The Bixby Version on my Phone is ( Bixby Home Version )


Re: Samsung Galaxy S9 / Bixby

Set the display brightness to 50%

Go back 

This command pulls down the quick access panel, sets the display brightness, closes the quick access panel and closes the Bixby interface. Close this app is also good. I use go back and close this app when closing different Bixby screens. Sometimes both