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Samsung Pay not compatible

Dear People of the forum,


I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and it's working flawlesly. 

Except Samsung Pay. I can't donwload it. Not from Samsung Galaxy Store or from Google Play Store. It writes "This app is incompatible with your device."

It writes the same when I try to download Google Pay. 


A year ago I bought this phone in Hungary from offical source so this phone has Hungarian firmware. 


In the past year I was in 5 different country and I couldn't download this app from anywhere. It can download a Hungarian NFC tap-pay app "Simple", but I don't really like it. 


I'm sure I haven't tried everything but I thought there has to be more experienced people in this. 

Please help me on this one!


How can I "make my phone compatible"?




Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung Pay not compatible

Hi there, since your phone is on Hungarian firmware it will not be compatible. The current list of compatible countries for Samsung Pay is:

South Korea, United States, China, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, Russia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.


Samsung is working to expand Samsung Pay to additional regions.

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