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Samsung S9+ Factory reset problem

Hello everyone,


I bought the Samsung SM-G965F, I can not make a factory reset on my device.

if I want to do a hard reset (Wipe data/factory reset), I get this message "MDM does not allow factoryReset".

I think it's forgotten to allow the factory reset option when they disable "retail mode". Now I need to turn on retail mode to enable factory reset and turn off "retial mode". 


I've tried this and it's unsuccessful:


"1. Set a password for the device
2. Make sure the device has 80% charge or more
3. Settings -> Security -> Encrypt Device (in my case Settings -> Lock Screen and Security -> Secure lock settings)

Now once you have encrypted your device and it has went all the way through. Reboot the device and now on bootup it should ask you for a password to get into your device to see encrypted data. Get this password wrong 15 times (can vary from device) and it will wipe the device clean of any data and it will reboot, then come up as if you're registering a new device from factory reset. I know this solution is a bit caveman status, but it works. Hope this helps!"


Do you have any idea how I could rescue this problem?


Thank you in advance,




Re: Samsung S9+ Factory reset problem

@userLOq6hBpmXR Just to confirm, you receive this error when trying to do a factory reset using the steps in this link?