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Samsung SMS Messages stock app

Wondering why messages from the same contact can't show up in the same conversation thread.
These days, between actual numbers and sms notifications from apps, etc etc...
I'd like to see the option of being able to have more consolidated and streamlined threads.
Lol This drives my ocd nuts...
What my brain wants:
One programmed contact = one message thread, regardless of number utilized.
(And which number the system uses to call or message shouldn't be affected if you have something selected as the default for that contact. Or if you need to use a different number than your selected default; you can just pull up that contact.)
Photo example of what I'm talking about below.
(I utilized/created the categories solely to better demonstrate the repetitiveness of message threads within my example screenshots.)
Does anyone know how to get it to NOT be separate threads? Or am I SOL on this? Lol
(Also, sidebar: How come the stock messages app isn't visible in the store?)



Re: Re: Samsung SMS Messages stock app

No, it's not duplicate contacts.
The messages are coming from different numbers (which all belong to the same programmed contact).
For example, like when apps & services utilize those different 5-digits code things to send out sms messages...
Or if someone has multiple phone numbers that they use....
Each number pops as its own message thread.
It does this for ALL my contacts that have more than one number that is utilized.

Re: Samsung SMS Messages stock app

I have the same issue. any solution out there?