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Samsung update Sept 7th. IMS Service keeps stopping. Damage to phone. Samsung liability.

As MANY other S9/S9+ users have had - the Samsung early Sept update created the IMS Service problem that keeps stopping the function of foreign purchased phones. Moreover, it is physically damaging the phone's battery  and internal circuitry.

Samsung has caused this problem with their last update. That is unequivocal. Samsung must accept liability for this damaging problem they alone have caused.

Samsung are causing physical damage to my phone
- the battery is completely drained in a couple of hours (reducing service life of the battery)
- the heat generated is lowering circuit life and thus my phone will not last.

Samsung must immediately reverse the last update.  There is NO USER remedy to fix this problem. We cannot wait a month/6 weeks for another update that may or may not solve the problem. Our phones battery will be physically degraded/worn out and the heat generated will shorten phone life .

Model code: SM-G965UI
ALDI Mobile (via Telstra)
Software V: G965U1UEU6CSH7/G965U1OYM6CSH7/G965U1UEU6CSH7
Australia (QLD)

Samsung must make an official response.