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Smart pop-up view notifications not working

Prior to the Android 10 update recently done on my phone, the smart pop-up view notifications used to pop up photo/icon bubbles for Messages.  This no longer works.  However, it does still work fine for the other apps that I have it turned on for.  I would like this to work for Messages again.


I've tried:

- restarting the phone

- turning the feature off restarting the the phone, turning the feature back on again

- clearing the cache for the messages app

None of this has worked. 


I do still get my regular notifications of status bar icon, banner pop-up that shows the beginning of the message, AOD notification icon, and lockscreen notification.


I'm trying to avoid having to reset all settings on my device until there is no possible other option, because I'm dreading having to reset everything on my device.  So, if anyone can offer any other ideas, I would truly appreciate them!


Samsung Galaxy S9

Model:  SM-G960U1

Baseband Version:  G960U1UEU7DTA5

Android version:  10


Product Expert

Re: Smart pop-up view notifications not working

Good Afternoon brookklynn,

I apologize for the frustration this may be causing you with your device.  They're times when the device will undergo a software update and revert some of your app settings back to the orignal format.  I would like to walk you through a troubleshooting step that should help you out.


Settings/Nofitications/Select "See All" towards the bottom of the screen/Search "Messenger"/Select Chats and Calls/Turn on "Show as pop-up


Please let me know if this resolves your issues.