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Smart switch back up not restoring

Can someone, a hero please, for God sake help me? I've tried everything i can. I backed up 4 Gb of very important Samsung Notes data in smartswitch mobile, not just mere notes but important ones; did a factory reset and when trying to restore smartswitch doesn't do it. 《Updating Samsung Notes data》stays there for a moment, then suddenly goes from like 20 % done to a 100 % 《done》, i check Notes and theres 0 of the 9,000 notes, go back to smartswitch for it to tell me that it couldn't restore 1 app, which is of course notes.


I already tried restoring from smartswitch windows version, but it only accepts .snmm files, the ones created by smartswitch mobile are .bk, any ideas?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Smart switch back up not restoring

Just to clarify, is this the steps you are trying:

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